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Monday, May 7, 2012

Upper Valley Fiber Fest 2012

 Busy Boney Hands will be attending the 2012 Upper Valley Fiber Fest. We're super excited to attend our first fiber festival!


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fun With Dirty Fleeces

I'm waiting to receive my new Lil Dynamo wool picker in the mail and I can't wait. Yay for new toys!!! I've been working on washing wool to kill the waiting time and get prepared. I finished washing 2 pounds of extremely dirty Rambouillet and have 7 more to go. And I'm also skirting over 6 pounds of a less dirty Romney fleece to be washed, carded, dyed and spun.
6 pound Romney Fleece
Let's just say I have fleece coming out my ears and I'm going to turn it into lofty roving and yarn even if it takes me a decade. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moda Fabric Giveaway

Moda Giveaways all Month!

I'm taking my chances entering the giveaway and so should you. Good luck to all who have entered. $75 worth of fabric could make a lot of cool things.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sneak Attack Goodies!

Ohhh, I got lucky tonight.

On Sneak Attack nights I look at all the stores getting "attacked," but rarely do I fall in love. However, tonight I found Mumbos and a hand painted box I adore.

Witchy, folk-taley, whimsical, and absolutely beautiful and at a reasonable price. The artisan is close by me, so I'm supporting a local fellow craftsman and shipping with be fast. And as an added bonus, it comes filled with candy. You just can't beat it. I'm very excited to give it a home.

Click here to see what I got during tonight's Sneak Attack.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Email = New Blog

I have finally linked my blog to my new email. Out with the old postings and in with the new. 

Speaking of in with the new, I'm having a baby September 5th! Thus, my obsession with making booties has begun. As soon as I get all of my own personal baby goodies done, I will begin to list some wee clothing items in my store. I will keep you all posted on the baby news and new listings.

I just finished reading Sarah Vowell's Take the Cannoli and she is an amazing author. I can so relate to her sense of humor, writing style, and values. I have also read Assasination Vacation, but I'm grateful for the few titles of hers I can still read. It helps me not feel so peculiar in this world to know there are others like me.